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I cannot recommend enough! She came through with another amazing cake! Happy Birthday, Wade!


Satisfied Client

Julie that is so cool, you really have a talent.


Satisfied Client

That cake is so cool!! Every last detail is perfect!


Satisfied Client

Your work is beyond amazing!


Satisfied Client

You are amazing! The cake made the party! Thank you for creating it!!!


Satisfied Client

Gorgeous and delicious :-). Wonderful job Julie


Satisfied Client

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About Me

I am a self-proclaimed (and family-labeled) sugar hound with a love of all things sweet...except cotton candy...that’s just too sweet. I have a passion for delicious food in general. When made with exceptional attention to detail, it shows...

And, it is magical.

A little of my story: I graduated from Miami University with a BA in Health & Sport Studies. After bouncing around the corporate world with jobs ranging from Advertising/Marketing Account Manager to Clinical Research Associate, I decided to pursue my childhood dream and went to pastry school at the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State. Upon finishing pastry school, my personal life flourished as I became a wife and mother in my hometown of Dayton.

My first job in the pastry world was as a cake decorator at "A Spoon Fulla Sugar." That is where I really learned the artistry involved in the cake decorating business and the tedious but rewarding nature of baking. I found I excelled at it and thoroughly enjoyed it. As my family grew I began baking out of our home and built up a clientele of close friends and family. When anyone needed a birthday cake here or holiday cookies there, I was ready to bake. It has continued to grow especially after moving to Cincinnati in 2017. With a bigger kitchen (yay!) and the kids now heading off to school, I am ready to expand and bake ‘round the clock, experimenting with new recipes and refining the favorites.

I appreciate my family, friends, and neighbors that have supported my sweet journey. I couldn’t have continued to invest in my business without my crucial first clients (you know who you are). I couldn’t have pursued this dream at all without my wonderful husband’s support. My children’s love of sweet treats keeps me inspired. Thank you to my brother for creating this website to showcase my business. I am very excited to now share my dream and love of the pastry arts with all of you. I hope to sweeten your day soon.